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Museums, cultural centers, art fairs, memory centers, art galleries, ...

Tell the history of your Collection to anyone in your museum, or anywhere else on the planet.

Tourist attractions, monuments, ...

Insert quality productions at your tourist spot. Create an engaging narrative to a large number of visitors. Use new technologies through the visitors’ own devices (smartphones or tablets).

Aquariums, zoos, and other animal life parks.

Present habits, sounds and characteristics of the animal species, stimulating public sympathy and awareness of biodiversity.

Stadiums, arenas and other sporting venues.

Explore your arena tour, including athletes’ testimony and fan chants, bringing your visitors closer to the sport.

Botanical gardens, forest parks, greenhouses, ...

Let your visitor tune in to nature by making use of bucolic and relaxing sounds while “talking” to them.

Churches and other religious places for prayer or meditation.

Dialogue with your visitors, present the origin of his/her religion, or just bring peace and comfort during the visit. Reproduce chants and sounds of celebrations, or opt for quiet moments.

Walking tours in historical centers, archaeological sites, parks, or sightseeing tours by bus, watercraft, train, helicopters, ...

Take appropriate information to people on the move. Automatic narratives can be triggered by GPS positioning, so that stories are reproduced in the exact locations.

Visits to factories and industrial facilities, business training, memory centers or large corporations’ documentation, ...

Expand the ability to present the values of your company or your industrial park. Broaden the public’s connection to your brand. Tell the history of the company.

Sports federations, teams and refereeing commissions.

Wireless communication system that optimizes your team’s communication, allowing faster and more assertive actions.

*** If your institution is not represented by any of the above segments, it is one more reason for us to be anxious for your contact. Nothing like a new challenge!

Our international partners may already have developed similar solutions to your needs, so they can share their experiences with us.